Not a fan of leather?? Don't worry! We are here to cater to all your needs. 


We have different colors and types of fabric to choose from. Why choose a sofa off the shelf when you can custom make one with your desired feel and color of the fabric at the same price or even cheaper!


Living up to our All In One (AIO) motto, with our very own in house furniture factory, we aim to bring you convenience and comfort at the same time.


Contact us today and let us bring the fabric selection to you for viewing and selection.



psst!!! Confused?? So with that being said how to build my own sofa?


Here are the easy steps:

1) Browse through our selection of sofas on our online shop.

2) Select the model of the sofa you want! (eg: fabric series, scandanivian series etc...)

3) Contact us and we will bring down either the leather or fabric sample for you to choose the color as well as the feel of the leather/fabric.

4) Upon choosing, you can confirm the order with our staff and tada, your desired sofa will appear right in front of yoyr door step in 1month's time upon confirmation of order!

Fabric Series